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Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Shamino || [0 Comments]

Overall: 4
Graphics: 4
Interface: 5
Outrage is yet another racing game hoping that 3DFX is gonna bail it out. While the graphics are impressive, by today's standards, they are getting old. Don't get me wrong. I was the first guy on my block to get the original Voodoo chipset from Diamond, but that was awhile back now and it's time for something new. Outrage is set in the future where you race "hover" vehicles against computer generated opponents. I assume there is a multiplayer function to this game but haven't explored it yet. While racing you pick up certain power-ups that allow you to turbo, shoot rockets, lasers, etc. The weapons don't appear to make much effect to the other cars except maybe to slow them down a bit. Equally unimpressive is how the weapons look when you fire em off. The mortar while a neat concept, just looks like crap compared to what they can do these days. So let's get down to business on tearing this one apart.


Again, nice graphics but they're old now. I was impressed with the 3DFX chipset back in the day but gimme something new you can do with this chipset. Nice lighting and futuristic setting are pretty cool to look at.


Pretty simple to control. Didn't crash much. They really made these hover cars easy to drive. Not much challenge from the tracks. Oh man, it sounded like a friggin pinball machine. They really spent NO time working on the sound for this game. When you actually crash into another car (or wall) I swear it sounds like a pinball game. The vehicles are pretty quiet. I think they might "hum" (Hey they're hover cars, what kinda sound are they supposed to make?) but again, really unimpressed.

Multiplayer (if any):



Pretty standard for racing games. Place well in the race and you go on to the next race. Collect power-ups along the way. If there is a way to upgrade your vehicle between races, I didn't find it. (I did a pretty brief scan of this game) Races are easy to win. I didn't mess with the difficulty settings and I was winning everytime. Neat arcade game for the kid's old 166 with a first-gen 3DFX card. "nuff said"

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