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Quake 1 Vs. 2 Vs 3: Ok, who let Unreal Tournament In?!

Friday, December 03, 1999 by Shamino || [0 Comments]

One of my favorite games to play way back in the day was Doom. I know I am not the only person in the online world with a "Doom"ed past but I just wished to date myself there for a second. When Quake 1 came out and Spectre and I started playing it was like a "whole new world". I couldn't believe the graphics, the gameplay, CTF ! I recall being so pissed off because Spec could run GLQuake and I still had pixels. Nothing like a new shiny 3DFX card (original Monster Board) to fix that little problem. We even got into a clan (Clan Fusion 2) but this was before commnication via ICQ and AOLIM were even around in the world like they are now and so we didn't even have any clan matches/scrims. We just put a clan tag on and went out and fragged and just had a good time.

Quake 2 marked a major step that I (as well as others within our group) took towards online gaming. Sure I played Tanarus and C&C as well as other games but Quake 2 took my life by storm. Actually that's not entirely true. When I first played Quake 2 I was impressed with the graphics and not very good at it. Multiplayer games I got into always ended up with me losing whether they were CTF or DM. I sucked. Period. What REALLY got me into Q2 was the mod of Expert CTF. The name always throws people off but it isn't really for experts. In the year that I have been playing this mod my skills have obviously increased and I have been able to watch others come up and even surpass my weak skills but this is expected after playing the same game almost every day/week for the last year. Clan matches and scrims dominate my evenings with set up and preparation. I (we) have become part of the mod's community both online and offline. We've helped other clans out as they started out. We've seen clans die and try to ressurect only to fail and die once again. So immersed in the scene am I to know every little thing that is going on in this online community. It has become a way of life.

The "threat" of Q3 over the horizon has always been there. What will we do if all of the clans that we play the Expert mod with go away and play Q3? Will the Expert Mod be incorporated by Myrkul into Quake 3? Will Quake 3 be just as fun as Q2? Will it dominate our lives in the same fashion? I wish I knew. Just having to ask these questions has made me realize how much the game has truely taken over my life. To be worried about the life expectancy of a video game? Man.

Now Unreal Tournament has been released before Q3. Wow. Did ID see this coming? UT, the "quake killer" as most Forums are calling it. I've played it. It's a truely awesome game. Graphics are tight, fast, and just plain awesome. Quake 3 in all honesty is the same way. Depending on your preference or loyalties both games can be called great. But the gameplay is missing something. It's missing the community that we have here in Q2. Everyone who is playing these new games are still standing with their mouths agape and are probably just now starting to move their clans over or creating new ones to get a fresh start with a new game. But I can't buy into it. For all the great graphics and neat effects, I just cannot get into it. Is it burn out? Who knows.

Maybe sometime (sooner than I think) I will start playing the games on a regular basis at risk of losing my Q2 skills. But for now, the habit of clicking on the refresh server list in my gamespy is just that, a habit. Over the past year I have played many "multiplayer" or "online" games. None of which have held me enthralled such as Q2. All things will, of course, eventually come to an end, but not today.....

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