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Botz in the Quake Community

Sunday, August 22, 1999 by Shamino

EDITOR'S NOTE: The origin of the following statement does not belong to XPD8. We found this piece to be quite revelant to the Quake Community and felt that it expressed our views as well so we have decided to post it here. Thanks go to Jamerz for finding it and submitting it for posting.

Exerpt from the newsgroups....

I have to vent a little steam here. I've been playing Quake for over 2 years now. I'm not the best player, but am I not the the worst player either.

I can stand LPBs. I can stand campers. However, what I can't tolerate and what has ruined the game I love so much, is the now, prevalent use of bots in Quake. I don't play Quakeworld nor Quake 2 because the physics are all wrong, so feel free to comment on bots in those arenas if you wish.

Within the last couple months, bot usage has risen at a substantial pace. It all started with the boys over at Stanford I guess. They put out a small lamer program to do the aiming for you (and probably for a grade, I bet.) Then some guy comes along and disassembles the thing modifies the existing "security" and now you can't kick it. Now this hacked bot is being handed out like candy. There are sites dedicated to bot construction, which, in my mind, is a scary concept even outside of the gaming community, but that's another subject. I'm sure there are many other client bots out there that were designed to aid the lamer in his quest for glory or have been hacked to do so. The Stooge is just one verifiable example of which I know.

This brings me to a more important issue. Is Id Software at fault here? Should they have implemented better security measures in their games? Did they foresee this and decide that cheating WOULD happen, but it would just be another perk to get the gamer to buy the "next in the series of..." version of their game? While that may be far fetched, it is only a prelude of disappointments that we should expect in future games. Unless they can stop the cheating going on, the $50 that you put down for Quake 3 Arena for example, will be a short investment, wasted money...

Finally, YES, it's just a game, I know. But there is an element of competition that is common in the Quake community. If it weren't, Q3 Arena wouldn't be based on multiplayer and it wouldn't have ranking systems,etc. Id Software has recognized this. So if you play Quake for "fun only" as I often hear, and don't care whether or not the playing surface is level (as much as it could be), then don't give it a second thought, buy it. But I think that a majority of you out there play, and play to win...and do so without using a bot.

Relevant comments welcome,


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